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    Professional white dove releases for any special occasion.
    Serving Rome & Surrounding NW Georgia Areas.

    (706) 235-5900 or 706-252-5733
    Cherry & Tony Warren

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    A Dove's Nest would be honored to be a part of your life celebrations. Our white doves will warm your heart and touch the lives of family and friends.

    Serving the Greater Atlanta Metro Area

    Phone: 770-575-0616 Ask for Nancy Cole

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    Angel Wings
    Western NC & N. GA

    Dove Releases for funerals and Weddings

    Western North Carolina - North Georgia

    Moon Landing
    Dove Release

    Experience the majesty of a dove release
    Make Your Moment Special!

    Serving metro Atlanta & north Georgia

    Complimentary Listings

    Macoa and Middle Georgia - EMAIL  website 478-361-7628
    North Georgia, Bartow, Cherokee, Floyd and Gordon counties - Contact  website 
    Savannah, Georgia, Lowcountry and Charleston, South Carolina - Contact


    To find a White Dove Release Professional for any Event,

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    Title: Georgia Rome, Atlanta White Dove Releases for weddings or funerals.  White Dove Release Society International providing a directory to white dove releases worldwide and in the USA for weddings funerals and other ceremonies
    Description:  Georgia (GA) White Dove Releases for weddings or funerals. Be inspired by the release of a flock of white doves in celebration of a life or a love.
    Book a White Dove Release for your wedding, a funeral or any other occasion with a white dove professional in the United States or around the world.
    Keywords: Georgia, GA, Rome, Atlanta, metro, pigeon release, wedding, funeral, how many, dove releases 
    white dove release wedding funeral society pigeon releases doves

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