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Dedicated to the Worldwide Promotion of the White Dove Profession
Through Public Awareness, High Standards and a World Wide Directory
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    About the White Dove Society

    Why was the IWDS founded?

    The International White Dove Society was founded to provide an ONLINE JOURNAL to be a resource for White Dove Professionals with up-to-date information on relevant topics and educational articles on doves in general. In addition, the IWDS Online Directory was established to meet the needs of customers finding the growing number of providers worldwide .  As more and more people are exposed to the beautiful white dove display at weddings, funerals, memorials, anniversaries, quinceanearas, bar mitzvahs and other celebrations, the demand soars.  After being asked over and over, sometimes several times a week, to do white dove releases outside the area where we work, the need for a comprehensive directory became apparent.  There are many small lists of providers and websites online, mainly as link exchanges.  Some are limited to North America. All the lists that I could find were incomplete and therefore not very useful.  And many were difficult to find on search engines.  The IWDS directory is comprehensive and solves many of these problems.

    The more people that can find professional dove releases,
    the better for everyone's business! 

    What are the advantages to joining the IWDS?

    List your site in the directory.   The IWDS directory is the most comprehensive available. Reach the world with your business information.
    Display the White Dove Society logo on your website.  Inspire confidence in your business by your customers because you belong to a recognized professional organization.
    Receive a subscription to the quarterly IWDS Online Journal.  Keep abreast on all the current information about our expanding profession.
    Benefit from online advertising.  Your potential customers will find you on the Internet!
    Take advantage of member discounts. 
    There will be discounts available in the Member Section of the website. 

    How do I join the IWDS?

    Just go to the "Join Society" page and select the level of membership that suits your needs.

    How much is the annual membership fee?

    We have tried to keep the costs as low as possible for everyone.  Silver membership is $24.95.  Gold membership is $45.00 per year. And of course, we offer complimentary membership for free.

    What are the advantages of membership?

    Silver Members receive a detailed listing in the directory with their phone number, email, link to a website, details about their service area information and a password to the members area which includes the Online Journal for White Dove Professionals.
    Gold Members receive a large display listing in the directory that is enhanced to promote your business.  Just send us the photos, and we will optimize and load them. It will generate more traffic for your business if people can get a glimpse of you and your doves. 
    Complimentary listings receive a single line listing in the directory with their email and service area.

    What are the annual membership fees used for?

    Maintain this directory and keep it up-to-date
    Provide a top quality, informative Online Journal with essential information for White Dove Professionals
    Promote White Dove Businesses worldwide
    Ensure education about professional standards among members
    Enable IWDS members to grow and develop professionally

    How do I list my site in the directory?

    It's easy to list your site in the International White Dove Directory.

    1. Complete the listing form and pay the small annual fee. 
      Click here to begin.

    2. After 48 to 72 hours, be sure to proof your listing to be sure it is correct.

    3. Link back to from your website with the logo. 

    4. Bookmark this site so that when someone inquires about a dove release beyond your service area, you can refer them to this site. 

    I see my business listed in the directory but I am not a member?  How can that be?

    Part of our goal is to provide information to the public about white dove businesses worldwide.  We therefore as a courtesy, may list active white dove businesses before they are members on a complimentary basis.   Your complimentary listing will only include your email and your service area, and you may upgrade by becoming a full member at any time.

    Is the Society really International?

    Absolutely.  We have members in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe, Canada and the United States.  And we try to include articles in the online journal each quarter that are relevant to white dove businesses around the world.

    Our visitors to the website just this month include people from these countries: United States, Romania, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Russian Federation, France, European Union, Great Britain, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates, China, Switzerland, Iran, Indonesia, Spain, Malta, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Kuwait, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, South Korea, Guatemala, Cameroon, Brazil, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Singapore, South Africa, Namibia, Jordan, Norway, Sweden, Greece, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Czech Republic!


    WHITE DOVE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, promoting white dove professionals through education and a public directory
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    Title: About Directory  

    White Dove Ceremony provides white dove release professionals with information and education, plus a world wide directory of their services. White Doves 101 helps you start a white dove business! Poems and readings for releases also available.
    Keywords: white doves, birds for sale, how to start a release business, poems, readings, whitedoves 101, wedding release doves, funeral doves About Directory  
    white doves, birds for sale, how to start a release business, poems, readings, whitedoves 101, wedding release doves, funeral doves

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